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The battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness is stiffer in our time more than ever before.

It is so stiff that the agents of the kingdom of darkness have their very existence dependent on it. They cannot rest neither can they eat, nor sleep until their mission is accomplished. They are on a ticking deadline. They have been mandated to kill, to destroy and to divert the destiny of the righteous unsuspecting ignorant careless children of God who do not know the power they carry . They have been anointed with different satanic gifts to lie, seduce, deceive, dissuade, discourage, lure, constrain, attack, disarm and  ridicule those who call themselves the children of God.
The agents of darkness have engaged the use of

all sorts of satanic weaponry in the guise of modernist inventions from technology to the oldest atrocities of harlotry and drunkenness to societal moral decadence and family breakdowns amongst others to this fight.

Any ‘Christian’ who fails to look beyond the calm deceptive face of our society today or who is deceived by the seeming physical peace in the society today does so at his or her own risk.

We are in a Battle!
Now I understand why the bible said that if care is not taken, even the very elect shall be taken away because of the stiff and perilous nature of the spiritual battle that shall take place in the last days.

I am no astrologer neither am I a time tracer, but I don’t need one to tell me that the days we live in and which are counting away speedily are the LAST DAYS as prophesied in the bible by the Son of God himself.

Look around you, ‘Can’t you realize it?... Look more closely… Tell me, 

Which sphere of life has been spared by this fierce opponent who knows that he has but a short time left?
Don’t ask me how much time he has left!

That is another trick the dark kingdom has used to keep Christians missing the point. They strike up the question to keep us busy searching and trying to decode time through studying ancient calendars instead of reading the signs like Christ himself asked us to.
Christ said clearly to his followers; when you see these things happening, then know ye that the end is at hand.

How come we have forgotten this?
Where has the kingdom of darkness not penetrated into? Even the very body of Christ has been adulterated with false teachings and wicked ‘miracles’ from the pit of hell, from the marine kingdom and from the covens of witchcraft. 

This keeps worshipers entertained enough to keep coming back for more, provided they do not look inwards to discover the true worship of Jehovah God.

Every other street today in every region of the world is populated with drinking pubs, Every other corner is stained with the activities of harlots both in the daytime and at nighttime. A hideous avenue of poisoning manhood and a simple diversion of his divine destiny.

Too bad we have all too often fallen for one or more of these tricks!

The music industry of today is heavily embedded with messages of fornication, greed, murder, ill-gotten wealth and adultery to name but a handfull. 

Immoral dance steps are churned out regularly across the globe by various satanic influenced musicians and these spread faster than the news of salvation or the gospel music, thus keeping everyone negatively engaged without realizing it.

The average Christian today is reluctant to speak even a word about Jesus in a public place. Even when the unction comes, there will most likely be a very loud satanic music banging from a roadside shop with a completely useless and / or demoralizing message.
Painfully, We do not even realize how much this war has eaten into us because it is spiritual.

Now I understand again more clearly why the scripture said: that the weapons of our warfare are not physical but spiritual. We had been waiting for a physical war where the Devil would clearly and openly request us to denounce Jesus Christ our Lord and eternal Saviour who died for our sins and whose blood was shed for the remission of our sins. 

Or maybe a date that will be announced by the world leaders on which the children of God will line up with guns, spears, bombs and machetes while the devil and his armies also arraign themselves on the opposite side of the battlefield and then the battle sound is sounded and we all roar aggressively into each other and start killing ourselves physically in a battle for who will serve God in spirit and in truth or who will serve the devil.

If this is going to happen, I do not know,
But ALAS, another war has been going on spiritually for a long-long time, and we have not realized it. The devil and his cohorts moved into array and proceeded against the children of the living God ‘while men slept’.

Note this:

Every single reckless habit wrecking these last days are cunningly interconnected. The dark kingdom keeps tabs on every Christian through a complex network of agents, demons, false prophets, witches, marine agents and rulers of darkness in high places. 

They know what you do, even when no one is looking. They know the tendencies you have. They make it look simple and harmless, They turn terrible, destructive habits into social currencies for interaction. They consistently innovate means to globalize evil and make it seem “normal”.

Have you noticed how it is so hard to hear a gospel track from your favorite radio station anymore these days. The moment you turn it on, it is playing the latest satanic track. You even fail to realize what you are missing because it has become so ‘COOL’
It is little wonder how the devil, has been able over the ages to permeate the very fabric of humanity and capitalize on the very weaknesses at the core of our existence to turn us against our heavenly father whose only plans for us has been good and never evil.
Little wonder God said he has reserved the lake of fire to burn every ungodly thing that does not glorify his name along with those who were deceived into it by the devil. This implies a literal obliteration of such unthinkable immoralities that God himself cannot behold for he is too holy to behold evil.
Satan continues to aggressively endeavour to prove to Almighty God that his creature man will always choose to go against him whenever presented with the opportunity.  (Recall the story of Job).
Now I understand why the bible said that even they who think they stand, who already know the truth, who have already been baptized into the gospel of Jesus, who had confessed their sins and had received the holyspirit, who by  all physical judgement are heading to heaven should take heed lest they fall.

It went further to say that, if the time of the return of our savior Jesus Christ is not shortened, and brought to happen earlier, that there shall be troubling days so much that even the very elect shall be “deceived”.

The same deception the devil used on EVE.
Notice that this opponent is not really interested in drawing a battle line for a REAL fight because he knows he has absolutely no basis for that. He prefers to DECEIVE. If he can deceive the whole of mankind into going against the very simple and compassionate principles of nature, he knows that God will look down and feel bad about what his creation has become. He knows that God will be moved to put an end to it quickly and he knows that he has done it before with Noah’s generation when he destroyed them all with water and with Lot’s time when he destroyed the entire city of Sodom and Gomorrah for their iniquity.

I can go on and on with explanations of how the devil has CONFUSED humanity into disregarding his creator and by extension his very essence; but as proverbs said; to writing of too many books there is no end. And in fact it will only seem to glorify the old deceiver the more. Therefore at this point, I am led to switch to the way out.

Having now understood the world we live in and what really is going on, what should man do to retrace his steps?
This question is what every church should put at the center of her sermons. But a kingdom divided against itself, can it stand?

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