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OK..so am just a semester away from a masters degree, with my Thesis being the only separation. The journey which started some 18 months back somewhere in the south of Conservative India, was about to end. my academic performance so far has been wonderful; with a cgpa of 8.5/10, it has really been a swell outing.
but you know what they say, that the end is always the hardest part of any task, seems to be quite true in this case with the planning of a satellite town for Africa's fastest growing city, Abuja.

For a start, I think its important to mention that I didn't choose anything on this level,myself, in fact  the first synopsis i submitted was a proposal for an intercontinental restaurant, a hotel or a ...i cant remember the third,but you get the level.I just wanted something i could finish off easily because i was  writing my first book  and was also working at the time.
It certainly didn't get approved, when dean Thirumeni asked me to consider transit-oriented developments, I was excited though but never imagined it on a Town scale, which brings us back to HOW I MADE IT?