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Mounting of Column Starter Bars

 Today we completed all excavation and commenced blinding of column bases and mounting of starter bars in the foundation.
There are a total of 27 columns in each building. The structural system adopted for the building is the rigid frame structure comprising of columns, beams and slabs interacting to create a solid mass.
 Tomorrow is expected to be a very busy day as we plan to do concrete works in the foundation footing for both buildings.
Concrete mixers rented from a rental outlet have been delivered to site ahead of the anticipated concrete works tomorrow.


 Today we started excavation of foundation trenches for this twin duplex project.  Located in a choice area in the heart of Enugu metropolis, the project promises to compete with neighboring high brow properties.

Designed by Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu, The five(5) bedroom duplex features an entrance porch, that is butressed by two dominant columns finished with brick facing and covered overhead by a projecting family sit-out on the first floor. It features an ante room, a spacious living room and dining area, kitchen, a laundry and a guest bedroom on the ground floor and four cross-ventilated spacious bedrooms on the first floor with an open plan family lounge that has a smaller private balcony as well as it leads to the larger sit-out in the front.

Project timeline : 4 months

Location : Enugu State

Client : Undisclosed

Consultants : Cadright Architecture / Development Partners


One of the main things that strike one immediately you meet an Architect would probably be his always having a laptop around. This is because most Architectural design and drafting works are done with one computer software or another.

Coming from a background like this, it is little wonder why an Architect may have crossed over line and has become enthralled with making mobile apps. This deep romance with mobile apps began gradually. from an innocent desire to make ends meet back in 2016, to setting up a full fledged mobile app development company churning out insightful applications in different spheres of endeavor.
The first mobile app that I ever developed was a school management app. It was specifically targeted for the nursery, primary and secondary schools niche. The need to do such an app became obvious after my team and I had faced some challenges trying to convince some indigenous schools to use our web based version of a school management app.

The challenges faced ranged from, non-availability of computers or in some cases insufficient supply of computers for efficient web administration, consistent power outages, general unwillingness of teachers to do any work with a computer other than the classroom hour, some teachers do not own personal computers or in some cases are unable to afford the high cost of internet data, some school administrators capitalize on these loopholes to exploit the school directors financially, need to train and retrain teachers on the use of the software repeatedly each time the shifted jobs, etc.

These and many other challenges necessitated the invention of the same solution on mobile phones in the form of a mobile app. Once we agreed this was the best line of action, we set forth to it with tenacious determination and a hunger to disrupt the status-quo which was filled with frustration due to some of the challenges described above.

Many years down the road, we have developed many other applications tailored for different industries ranging from fashion, medicine, construction and e-commerce.

Read More about the apps we have developed and how you can get yours maybe!


As a licensed Architect and now a lecturer, reflections on the curriculum and duration for the study of Architecture in Nigeria comes naturally to one. This is mostly necessitated by the observed deficiencies revealed through interaction with some Nigerian university graduates including Architecture graduates in the past.

As a student of Architecture, this nature of thought never crossed my heart, because all we thought about was how to become the next graduate with first class honors. However now, that we have achieved that and moreso even joined the academia as a key player (lecturer) one cant help but speak out about this.

My personal opinion is that the four year duration for the award of Bacherlors degree in Architecture (B.Sc. Architecture) is grossly insufficient; considering the volume of work required to be done. I would expansiate more on the reason for this in my next post, but suffice it to say now that; I would move for an adjustment to a total duration of five (5) years - at least.

Also, the two-year mandatory Master programme which must be done in order to qualify for licensure amongst other things is non-negotiable.

However there are suggestions from some meaningful stakeholders that the practise licensure examination which is currently taken as a seperate exam after a minimum of two years puppilage under a licensed Architect, should be integrated as part of the MSc. final exam and administered by the Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) at the university level.

What do you think about this? Let us discuss your opinions in the comment section below.