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·    Phased development, having sustainable districts at each phase
·    elimination of the traditional grid iron pattern and its attendant thorough fare traffic
·    and replacement with the super block model.
·    provision of private as well as communal green spaces
·    shared communal facilities encourage social interaction and are cheaper to maintain
·    turn to alternative revenue sources
·    car-less community thus less carbon emission = cleaner air
·    cultural   promotion through football
·    provision of well connected service roads, cycle and pedestrian ways
·    a fine blend of the garden city concept, and the neighborhood planning concepts with Le-corbusiers centralized business district model


 So how do Architects really feel just before a presentation..what am I thinking just before its my turn. Is it confidence, too much of it or less of it. is it fear of getting Bashed or is it calmness?
For most it is either of these sometimes and at other sometimes a combination of them, in a random order.

You are sure you have done your homework, but you are not sure how  the client would receive it. would it be ecstacious satisfaction or sad disappointment, would he throw arms around you in joyous praise of the work or frown at your beautiful ideas?
For me, its a mixture of those feelings. But what is common with us all is that before the meeting, we always feel confident.

Such was the case right here today.

The second review on the Abuja Satellite Township project, Spirits were high, we all peered critically at each others works.
however there seemed to be a dive in the mood after the review, egos had either been shattered or boosted!
Envy sets in, momentary depression happens some how you feel you have been misjudged or under-graded.
But you take a resolve to go back and do more work and bounce back stronger!!
..to be continued