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3D-tutorial HUNT

bumped into a great software today(BLENDER)...wonderful ambient occlusion and rendering time,..and its open source!!!

Green Building-Issue of Energy Rating

Today around the world architects and developers have become more discrete with energy issues.  the reason for this is simple, we are using more energy than we are able to regenerate and this is known through actual life cycle analysis of buildings which is where energy rating systems come in.

you can find my short presentation on Energy rating systems for green buildings at the link below:

Again please always remember to give credits for any referenced work, in order to encourage authors and researchers who actually take the pains to bring us knowledge. I hope this would be of help to you!

Geographic Information system..a term paper

If you are Interested in the field of geographic information system (GIS) , then you would  like my paper on Applications of GIS in Infrastructural Development, with spot light on Transportation sector. It discusses the relevance of GIS in today's metropolitan traffic management.
its available for download at scribd.com. it is totally free but it would be wise to give credits where necessary.
 I hope it would be of help to you!

find it here:

Get inspired by what other people are doing>>

This animated walkthrough was started in Revit Architecture and completed with Lumion 3D which is a wonderful tool for rendering realistic and time efficient 3D views. The video editing was done in windows movie maker.
I would be explaining in detail in subsequent blogs, the steps taken to achieve this. it is only a quick one day work and not at all a finished presentation.I hope it inspires you to do better!

learn 3d visualisation with ease.

invest personal resources to become cadd proficient