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e-book review
by Author

The book 48 Laws of Architectural Consulting is an all-time classic collection of industry codes and ethics made for the sound and meticulous Architect who is eager to make an undying mark in his profession.

This book is a sequel to the main title; Learning to Be an Architect (published 2014). Both titles have the welfare of the aspiring Architect as the underlying theme.

Much controversy however have surrounded the release of this second part, 48 Laws of Architectural Consulting owing to it's large volume and frantically auto-suggestive mode of instruction to the reader. You will find it an interesting read, while you'ld love to make reference to it every now and then.

Ever wondered why you lost a potential client right after the first meeting? Do you think it was chance or Is there something you didn't get right? These and more are answered in this unique, book rendered with several real-life examples