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MAKING OF A MODEL SATELLITE TOWN FOR ABUJA( a peek at the drawing board)

Yes..I know,
What is he thinking posting such a tiny image, are we supposed to use some binoculars for viewing this?
But you neednt worry, this is just a peek, like we called it, right?
I would be providing you the full resolution images once am done planning. meanwhile et this suffice as a 'PEEK' into my drawing board.( or more of Planning Board).

So Far..
  • Introduction to the concept of Satellite Towns
  • Historical development of Towns and Urban design
  • The city of Abuja, Historical Background
  • The need for a satellite town in Abuja
  • Population, Density and Land use Projections
  • Case-studies (5)
  • Site Selection and Analysis 

Planning /conceptual drawings for the new town model...so help me God!!!
(Yes I believe in God.How else could I finish all these and remain sane?)