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1). You Know Something Enough; You feel A Need to Put it in Writing for Posterity Sake:

Here most text books and academic instructional guides fall under this category. Usually written by industry experts who lay bare hard empirical data for the readers education and enlightenment. 

2). You Have Discovered A New Idea or Invented Something Worth Sharing :
New findings in a niche can become the reason for a writer or a group of researchers to decide to publish a book. In this case the individual or the group have developed a new method of doing something that is worth sharing to the general public.


In Africa, the way business is conducted is quite rigorous because one is literally up against a lot. Talk about high illiteracy rates, poor infrastructure like power supply, access roads, multiple taxation, etc -  the list continues.

The mere decision to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship frightens most Africans to their bones. Parents are more often than not alarmed at a decision by their ward(s) to tow this unfamiliar and unpredictable path. It is usually a sore topic to discuss in family meetings and is a phenomenon usually associated with people who are not able to secure white collar jobs.

But where are the jobs??
Are there enough jobs in the world to go round everyone??