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by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

Once every month, I go to Abuja from Enugu and back. I go to the office, to report for the previous month's work at Enugu. Then I go to NYSC secretariat to sign for my monthly stipend clearance. I go by bus all the time except on few occasions when my boss requires me to be faster or earlier, in which case I fly Arik.
I enjoy the intermittent sleep while in the bus, and its usually another time to meet new people as well as my old classmates; chike ben, egbons etc. who live and work in Abuja.
This time, I travelled with Ikenna, my friend's brother. He is also an Architect from my school. He is done with his NYSC, and is now searching for a part-time job to keep him busy till he resumes his M.Sc. I offered to introduce him to my boss - maybe they could work something out.

...okay, so how is Abuja?

Abuja is not as sunny as before, this time. I think its the rain. but the rush is the same. Everyone still rushes out in the mornings and back at night, tired. one could smell the fear of 'Boko Haram' in the air everywhere. They have claimed responsibility for most recent terrorist killings, and still counting. So even I am in a hurry to get out of the city!
As if ignorant of this, the politicians are going about their usual activities, we were even held up for close to 5mins this morning for the president to pass. yea that's what happens when you live in Abuja!

and while here?

while am here,  I intend to see as much old friends as possible, and oops! i also have family here. Outside this, take a good rest and plan about the restaurant period!