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By Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
Architect, Geometrix Consultants, Abuja.

Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
Proposed Igbo Cenotaph Project, Enugu
What makes a particular design stand out in an Architect's heart?  After all he does a lot of them in a very random order and in no stipulated time intervals. could it be the amount of work he put into it? ..but he invests just as much time in other projects too. Or is it the Kind of client, How they met or how he got commisioned to the job?..Very many things could influence what project an Architect gets emotionally attatched to.
For Me, It is that abstract self fulfillment, That feeling I get when I have just created something out of the blue, In general; I value projects which I created the original concept from my own scratch. It gives me the feeling of a creator!..and when you have all it takes (in terms of Visualization) to convey this idea to another human being, It is so much Hilarious.

It was a special sunday. Sabby was around and we were together at jerry's. we had just finished having lunch and relaxing when my boss called. My heart jumped, I was supposed to be in Abuja, and the E.N.S.I.B.U.M site plan was supposed to be near completion by now. But It wasnt and I was states away from the office #chilling#

At first I ignored the call, but she persuaded me to get it. When I picked up, he informed me that I was to pause the market job and start developing a presentation for a CENOTAPH. I had never heard the word before. T'was new, I needed some bringing up to speed. #Google# (but behind him, of course).
Not just that, I had to meet him, in the office the following day with the sketches. This meant I had less than 12 hours to come up with something! - welcome to Architorture.

Well, the first thing you should do, when you're under this kind of pressure is to make sure you understand WHAT you are required to do. Once you have this clear mental picture, you have almost solved the problem.
This was exactly what I did. I went and read up about Cenotaphs.I learnt It was a memorial structure usually erected in honor of dead soldiers lost in a war or natural occurence. I studied other cases around the globe, and once sure, I began making conceptual sketches. I spent the next day on the road back to Abuja. When I got there, I learnt I was to do a presentation In Enugu on wednesday, which means I had just Tuesday to package the presentation.
The image you see above is what we came up with after short deliberation together. It is so far my best project, because I developed the idea from No-THING!

go here to see full IGBO CENOTAPH PROJECT presentation ppt.


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Writing The Minutes of an Architectural meeting
My Office @ Geometrix Consultants and Builders ltd Abuja
 by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

In the July of 2013, I was working with Geometrix from my home. It was an experience which I didn't very much appreciate at the time, but now i do. However As early as my first meeting after I resumed fully in the capacity of Project Architect for ENIBUM project, the following month, The task of writing the minutes of site meetings fell on me. Though It wasn't part of my job Brief, It happened that once the meeting commenced , I found that I had little to say and more to write. It became more pertinent when the Quantity surveyor demanded for a copy of my notes.
Though I was only making notes for my company's use, I took the responsibility to make it available to the other consultants. With the zeal to impress I promised to mail everyone the minutes that same evening.

Now, an Architectural meeting is no different from the kind of meetings held in banks, corporate organizations, hotels, schools, industries etc. It usually features people from varying departments and professions - in attendance. There's a chairman or chair-person ( the architect in this case) whose responsibility is to convene and conduct the meeting.  In the case of an Architectural meeting this chairman (usually the Architect) has the final say on all issues.

So Here Are A Few Tips On How To Document The Proceedings Of an Architectural / Site Meeting :

While at The meeting;
1. Sit as close as possible to the Architect
2. Note/ Understand the agenda of the meeting before it kicks off.
3. Ask Questions that relate to your immediate primary employer or that vindicates him.
4. Be sure to circulate an attendance register with columns for e-mail and or Phone numbers.
5. Write down all major conclusions, Reachings or Agreements, including time and work allocations.

And After The Meeting; 
1. Start the minute with a heading stating the name of the project in full
for example:
30TH AUGUST 2013

2. Write the people who were in Attendance in a table, with their designations and contact information also.

3. Write out The actual events that took place during the meeting using the motion-secondment-adoption hierachy.

for example:  
06:35; Arc. Uche-Uche moved a motion that all buildings included in quarters one and two Should be limited to bungalows to reduce structural implications and cost.

06: 38; the motion was seconded by Engr. Ozoude, The structural Engineer.
06:40; The motion was unanimously adopted. 

4. Summarize any Time schedules agreed upon clearly itemizing what volume of work is to be expected at each stage.
for example:
12-09-13; Architects will submit reviewed final prototypes drawings and site layout for       phases 1 and 2 to client and other consultants.
09-09-13; Surveyor will hand in surveyed topo-map of phases 1 and 2.
23-09-13; Submission of final Completed drawings and Bill of quantities of phases 1 and 2 to the Client works to technical Consultants including Costing.

5. Highlight any matters arising from previous meetings as well as unfinished issues from the present one using bullets or numberings if you like, for discussion from the next meeting.

6. Note the time of closing and whether it was unanimously agreed upon.

After Writing The Minutes as you deem fit, send it to a senior colleague or your Boss, via e-mail or by hand where possible and have him review it, first before you send it to the rest of the parties concerned.
This work-flow will surely get you through to the best, because it worked for me, It will surely work for you!