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As a licensed Architect and now a lecturer, reflections on the curriculum and duration for the study of Architecture in Nigeria comes naturally to one. This is mostly necessitated by the observed deficiencies revealed through interaction with some Nigerian university graduates including Architecture graduates in the past.

As a student of Architecture, this nature of thought never crossed my heart, because all we thought about was how to become the next graduate with first class honors. However now, that we have achieved that and moreso even joined the academia as a key player (lecturer) one cant help but speak out about this.

My personal opinion is that the four year duration for the award of Bacherlors degree in Architecture (B.Sc. Architecture) is grossly insufficient; considering the volume of work required to be done. I would expansiate more on the reason for this in my next post, but suffice it to say now that; I would move for an adjustment to a total duration of five (5) years - at least.

Also, the two-year mandatory Master programme which must be done in order to qualify for licensure amongst other things is non-negotiable.

However there are suggestions from some meaningful stakeholders that the practise licensure examination which is currently taken as a seperate exam after a minimum of two years puppilage under a licensed Architect, should be integrated as part of the MSc. final exam and administered by the Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) at the university level.

What do you think about this? Let us discuss your opinions in the comment section below.