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by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

SAT. 21-02-15
Today there was a fight at the site. An Ibo worker fell out with an Hausa worker. The Ibo worker was working on the site for the first time after a long while. He was brought in by the site foreman. He was asked to construct the form work for one roof beam in the fourth line because our resident carpenter was absent on that day.  The Hausa worker was a mason; one of our most loyal. He would do whatever he was asked to do with smiles and never complained about anything other than wage related issues.

He was rounding off his block work, when the counting supervisor came to record his work. The Ibo man who had finished his roof-beam, and so was feeling good about himself came over and joined in counting the blocks. Jos, as the Hausa guy was popularly called, asked him to please not count his blocks as it was not his duty. He had no right to count blocks, there was a designated supervisor who handled that. The Ibo man, failed to listen and in fact insisted on doing the same. This led to a rough exchange of abuses, and ignited a bloody fight between the two.


by kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

Launching the new AUTOCAD 2014 interface was a great experience. it looked and felt fresh. I hadn't used a latest version software recently. my last was autocad 2012 but I had to revert to 2010, when I experienced some sluggishness in paning and zooming functions...smh!

Just YEsterday, my Autocad 2010 wont open. When I tried, it displayed the following error message:

"the application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. please see the application event log or.....bla bla bla!!"

I hadnt used the app in a long while, so I was thrown off when I saw this. But as usual I went online, Thanks to google, I found some Autocad user forum where someone suggested the solution could be uninstalling and re-installing a program called microsoft  c++ redistributable. I ran this by my local system administrator, he didnt know anything about it, rather he advised me to simply install AUTO CAD 2014 and do my work.

AUTOCAD 2014 - Autocad Classic Workspace
When we eventually did, the first time screen looked strange. I was uncomfortable with the new positions of the tools. I loved my previous classic workspace back at 2010. I had a bit of trouble finding the switch. but I did and here above is a  screenshot from my beautiful Autocad 2014-classic workspace. I think it looks amazing!! The red circle near the down right corner in the image points to where YOU can also find and switch yours.