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     we all love to hide those rare set-up files,Crack codes, Cad Accessories, wonderful rendered images, textbooks, commentaries, songs and movies in our 'safe sanctuary', the external Hard disk, usually to keep it away from colleagues or just other users in case you share a laptop with other people or just a safety precaution; as a back-up location, in case we ever lost information in the pc.

An external Hard-disk proves very reliable in all situations, In fact, people who do not have reasonable space on the PC hard-drive even have most of the important data on the external Hard disk, but what happens If it ever crashed. 
yes, they rarely do, but still, they fail sometimes!

If you have bad Hard disk ethics, such as removing it abruptly before it has finished writing or performing an action, it may be prone to a fatal failure in the near future. When this happens, your windows OS may run a checkdisk operation automatically and try to recover your data. The recovered data would mostly be with a unique file extension: .chk. ( a checkdisk file).

The files would most likely not appear in a