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1). You Know Something Enough; You feel A Need to Put it in Writing for Posterity Sake:

Here most text books and academic instructional guides fall under this category. Usually written by industry experts who lay bare hard empirical data for the readers education and enlightenment. 

2). You Have Discovered A New Idea or Invented Something Worth Sharing :
New findings in a niche can become the reason for a writer or a group of researchers to decide to publish a book. In this case the individual or the group have developed a new method of doing something that is worth sharing to the general public.

3). A Research Has Been Conducted And Results Obtained : 
Academic research work usually culminates in publication of findings. This type of publication is done in niche journals related to the particular area of research and is usually conducted by academicians.

4). To Document a Historical Event : 
Because history is most often forgotten by the newer generation, writing it down is the best method of ensuring that it is never forgotten by the future generation.  

5). To Entertain A Specific Audience with a Fictitious Make-up :
Probably the commonest motive for writing, this type is completely based on the author(s) creations which may or may not be realistic. It is solely intended to entertain or throw light on a particular area of interest such as space exploration or science fiction.

To be continued..

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