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by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
Proposed Oranto Hotel Abuja, by Geometrix Consultants.
Proposed Oranto Hotel Abuja; Prototype Suite Bedrooms
Typical Floorplan

Proposed Oranto Hotel; Terrace Bedrooms
Proposed Oranto Hotel; Standard Bedroom


       Oranto petroleum is an independent Nigerian company with operations since 1991 and the company is an active operator in 14 blocks in West Africa and Gulf of Guinea. Its CEO is prince Dr. Arthur Eze of Ukpo in Anambra State of Nigeria.

¢  The CEO recently expressed interest in developing an epitome of Hospitality in the form of a Hotel and has bestowed the task of doing this to the Architects at Geometrix.
¢ The city of Abuja being the nation’s seat of power, hosts hundreds of conferences domestic and international and as such is a viable ground for the Hotel business. The choice of Asokoro, Abuja; only complements this.

¢  This is a presentation of our initial design submission. Hope you like it.
View of the Proposed Terrace Garden

View Of The Main Auditorium
You can find full powerpoint slide presentation live at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/235624549/Proposed-ORANTO-Hotel-by-Geometrix-Consultants


by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

File-store, Geometrix Consultants & Builders ltd. Abuja.
photo credits: Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
files are the backbone of every office. In an Architecture office, these files will typically contain drawings, contract papers, bidding arrangements, quantity estimates for proposed construction works, and the list continues...

My first task as an intern at Geometrix back in 09' was to clean and arrange dusty file jackets, the likes of which can be seen in the image to the left. I remember I was thrilled by the experience. I wondered how one man and one office could have accumulated such hefty portfolio in one life time - and still counting... I was inspired. But that is only a bubble compared to the filing ingenuity that was in-place at the office. The system was solid and error proof. This post is dedicated to helping Young Architects, interns or project managers, with a glimpse into what filing should be in an Architecture consortium.

First: There are A4 and A3 files. They are seperated in location. Then there is a list for each of them. This list is printed and handy. In this print-out, the file name eg: 'ORANTO Hotel Asokoro' as well as the file number eg: 'DS 757' are indicated. It is also standard practise that all presentation drawings made before the project is awarded, are stored in the A4 file, while all eventual working drawings which were prepared and sent for approval from the office are stored in the A3 folder of the same project.