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 Today we started excavation of foundation trenches for this twin duplex project.  Located in a choice area in the heart of Enugu metropolis, the project promises to compete with neighboring high brow properties.

Designed by Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu, The five(5) bedroom duplex features an entrance porch, that is butressed by two dominant columns finished with brick facing and covered overhead by a projecting family sit-out on the first floor. It features an ante room, a spacious living room and dining area, kitchen, a laundry and a guest bedroom on the ground floor and four cross-ventilated spacious bedrooms on the first floor with an open plan family lounge that has a smaller private balcony as well as it leads to the larger sit-out in the front.

Project timeline : 4 months

Location : Enugu State

Client : Undisclosed

Consultants : Cadright Architecture / Development Partners