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The Nigerian institute of Architects N.I.A professional practice examination P.P.E held in two diets annually has just been concluded for the year 2017. No other exams organised by the institute will be held in the year 2017. In the wake of the growing impasse between the veteran examination conducting body and its national cousin; the Architect's Registration Council of Nigeria ARCON,  mixed feelings engulfed almost every examinee this year. The disagreement which has been described by many as everything including 'embarrassing' is rumored to be hinged on major administrative, tribalist and financial related prejudices. 

The Nigerian Institute of Architects, N.I.A set up in April 1960 has been the body responsible for pre-qualification of candidates and conduction of professional practice competence examination in the country, while the Architects registration council of Nigeria had hitherto relied on her for advice on successfully qualified candidates to be furnished with a practice license and a seal. This meant that once one scaled through the notoriously revered N.I.A exams, he/she was expressly admitted by ARCON and is deemed qualified to practice the profession of Architecture within Nigeria.
While this bi-laterral qualification requirement/proceedure had been questioned by many due to its rigorous nature, it had been accepted to be the 'norm' for over twenty (20) years.

Sadly, this amiable,
age long brother and cousin relationship between the two professional bodies is threatened to be in its last days as both parties are in court over 'examination rights.'
this became necessary to clear the speculations surrounding the introduction of a new professional competence examination called: Architects Competence Program ACP by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria, which is believed to be superior to the erstwhile, NIA-PPE.

It is interesting to note that before now, every single member of ARCON was mandatorily required to be a full member of the N.I.A with some years of experience. In essence, ARCON recognises N.I.A's membership decisions as absolute. While we do not yet fully comprehend the 'cause' and depth of this sudden disagreement, we hope and pray the court helps bring the both organisations back to their 'first-love' and saves the potential registrant from double registration expenses.
When this happens, the hundreds of to-be Architects who have scaled through the NIA exams at various levels but have hitherto been denied admission by ARCON will be accepted and all further doubts per the future of the profession( in Nigeria) cleared.

Read more about guidelines for Applying to the Nigerian Institute Of ARchitects Professional Practice Examinations at diferent levels.

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