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Living everyday like it's our last has by far been the best way to remind ourselves that we do not know where we came from and we have no idea where we are headed when we leave here!

Only a fool will proceed with the pursuits of life without thinking about where it all came from and why we are here in the first place. Many theories are sold to us, from different quarters, Everyone gives a different explanation of the origin, largely or sparingly different, everyone has claimed that their message is the "truth" and the "absolute" one. 

Wouldn't we be set free indeed from this confusion if we came to learn the truth?

All the time we have lived many-a-men, many-a-lifetimes, many-a-generations, many-a-civilizations, many-a-wars, we still come and go and the Earth keeps spinning. 

And Oh! Did they say this is just one of nine? Did they say our universe was only one out of many, discovered and yet to be?

So what is going on? Really what are we doing here? There is too much detail in everything, a thinking soul couldn't help but ponder how all existence in its entirety became.

Oh how weak we are, how short a time we have! how limited a memory we can bear! Who remembers what happened a generation ago? Who records what transpires here or there on a daily basis? Not the news that is curated, but the mouse that died today or the bird that brought forth child. Is it unnecessary to record? If it is, then why is it happening? If we won't be here forever then what are we doing here and where will we go?

We do realize that we played absolutely no part in choosing whether to come here or not, unless of course our former actions in a former life or existence warrants us to be here, calling into remembrance the theory of action and reaction. 

Shall we stop to ponder on what to do? Who shall we ask or who shall we go to for the "answers"? Are we helplessly living or dying or just existing? We want this, but when we get it we want another thing. We think once we have this then we will find the solution, but alas, when we find it our unending desire swallows it whole and wants more. Helplessly we set out to pursue a new thing and the cysle continues until "our time is up" and we are no more.

It's so vast to even contemplate!  But wait!..are we the only ones thinking? Are our co-habitants, the animals thinking too? DOes the fish in the river want to know what happened to her great grand mother or from where it came or to where it is headed too?

Oh don't they? Don't they need to know? If they don't, why do we need to know? Ahhh, it becomes necessary that there is someone or something or circumstance deciding and moving existence. What did he want? Is he here with us? Where is he? Did he embark on a really long trip or is he done with this very project and is on to another?

The elements; fire, water, land, air, matter all...