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by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu - Geometrix
from right: Geometrix studio head aikay,kosi, anele, mamman salaudeen
The one year national youth service program NYSC - is an initiative by the federal government of Nigeria to help integrate graduates of the country into the workforce. It requires the graduate to serve the nation under any parastatal of the government at a state other  than that of his origin for a period of 12 months. This interstate arrangement ensures that young people from different ethnic backgrounds mix-up, exchange and learn social values.

Asides this sociological dimension, there is also an economic implication to this. During the service year,  the young graduates are subjected to rigorous enterpreneur training programs which aim at imbibing the need to be self employed as a remedy to the un-employment rocking the nation. 

For graduates of Architecture, who want to pursue a career in the field, the service year is a time to gain relevant experience in the profession. One should endeavour to get into an insightful Architecture firm where he can build a future after the service year.

I was attatched to Geometrix consultants and builders ltd. Abuja during my service year. It was a very educating experience. I had the opprtunity to participate in two MAJOR projects The first is the ENSIBUM market; Enugu where I took active part in the design stage, presentation, and now the construction. The second is the Oranto international hotel project Enugu. This particular project afforded me the opportunity to meet a very influential politial figure - Chief Dr. Arthur Eze. He was interested in investing in the hospitality industry and Geometrix was priviledged to be his consultants. with guidance of my principal consultant Arc Uche J. Uche, I developed the initial deaign concept and produced the renderings for the presentation. I accompanied him to the said presentation and am still involved in its construction as the assistant project cordinator.

Generally, my service year was full of  enlightening experiences. I attended a lot of meetings  with my principal and some alone. I collaborated with project Engineers on site, surveyors and artisans. The pay was argood. I also started my own: MealsWorth Restaurant & Bar. and I thank almighty God for all this, I know his hand is in my sucess and he has more in store for me.

For the younger ones coming up  and planning to make a good time out of their service year, I say be dilligent, keep working smart, and trust in God. he wont fail you!