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by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu Projects
Country-Home Project Isuaniocha
Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
Country-Home Project (2) Isuaniocha
A vast country-side residence for a wealthy business man, under construction at Isuaniocha ,Anambra state, Nigeria.
The abundant land size allowed for adequate spacing of property and provision of luxurious swimming pool and lawn tennis court.
The main house features , a pronounced entrance porch, one small and one larger double volume family living room, two large en-suite bedrooms on the ground floor and other utility spaces. In all 7 large bedrooms are provided excluding a private pent floor accessible only from the master bedroom.
An 80sq. m conference hall and a gym of the same size is provided together with a 3 bedroom flat, as the guest area of the villa. Other Attraction include beautifully landscaped surrounding and an environment that spells peace.

Architecture 3ds in Nigeria
Country-Home Project Isuaniocha

Architecture 3ds in Nigeria
Country-Home Project Isuaniocha

Project Drawbacks:

The client was one of a kind, seemed to know what he wanted but had too many advisers which led to hassles between the design team ( Great Marks) and the building firm, this led to minimal adjustments from original design, from which Great Marks is completely exonerated.