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Just3dit.com.ng is an innovative platform where Architects and Builders are allowed to order a very speedy rendering of their on-going projects after signing up with their basic information. The idea of such a platform is to challenge the time factor attributed with production of Architectural three dimensional views to its barest possible - 24 hours. 

One can initiate such order from a personalized dashboard by uploading floorplans of the work in any format available. The accepted file types include .dwg, (preferred) .rvt, .skp, .jpg .png .pln After uploading the floorplan the customer is prompted to make an advance payment after receiving a quote. On receipt of the payment, the model is generated within 12 hours and submitted to the customer for his review and approval before rendering which is the final step. The excellent shot 3D views are generally ready in less than 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Design reviews after the work has been rendered usually attract an additional fee. 


1. Its All About Time: Getting your awesome looking Archi-3Ds ready in less than 24 hours is mind-blowing! At first it would seem impossible, but a trial has convinced very many loyal customers who keep sending in more works.

2. It's Quite Affordable : At a flat rate of N15k (less than 50USD) one would feel that the service is rather free. It goes without saying that the best things in life are actually free!

3. It is Online, So it is Global : An online based 3D service? This is surely a good  one because now, you no longer need to know a 3D specialist within your locality before you can get a great job done. With a free just3dit account, you are good to go! from anywhere, anytime and for any project.

4. It Covers Everything : From still shots to walk-through videos you can get amazing quality in the shortest time possible. 

5. No Watermarks On Your Work : This is the best part of this 3D service, you don't get to make do with annoying stamps, logos or watermarks on your finished rendering and so your client never gets to realize that you didn't produce the pictures yourself. 

As one would expect of any new start-up the international payment channels are yet to be perfected, although work is being done in that line. 

Are you an Architect, a builder or just a 3D follower, If you are interested, sign up for this amazing service here : www.just3dit.com.ng and leave your comments below so we can learn about your own experiences using the system.

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