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Use of digital tools such as websites, portals, apps, etc to facilitate school management and administration is increasingly being embraced in Africa. What is already common place in Europe and America seems to just be picking momentum in these parts due to obvious social and economic reasons. The advancements in information technology affecting several walks of life has always been pioneered by the western civilizations leaving us in Africa playing catch-up; a game which we seem to be very good at. As heavy consumers of information technology products, consistently developed by others, the gap in technology naturally positions Africa as a huge market for such technological products.

With no prejudice however to the current technology giants and pacesetters, the dream lives on in our hearts of a time, when Africa will live up to its own technological expectations’ developing and marketing indigenous materials (products) adapted to our own socio-economic hemi-sphere and even positioned for export to other parts of the world.
The use of one form of digital school management tool or another is invaluable for the smooth and efficient running of a school. My new book; Digital School Management Systems - For Emerging Africa, (available on scribd.com - paid) treats the phenomenon, by shedding light on the African case, while providing guidelines for it’s development, integration and operation. By extension, this book is useful for software developers seeking to create digital school management tools, corporate vendors integrating such systems for schools as well as school owners and educational consultants using the systems for administration of schools.

1.0 What Is A Digital School Management System?
·         Who develops it, who integrates it, who uses it?
·         At what stage of management is a digital school management system required?
·         What does my school benefit from it? What does the programming company benefit from it? What do educational consultants benefit from it ?
 2.0 Guidelines For Developing Digital School Management Systems
·         What to consider when developing a digital school management system for Africa.
·         Technical requirements of a digital school management system
 3.0 Guidelines For Operating Digital School Management Systems
·         What school owners need to know and do.
·         What developers need to know and do.
·         What managers or consultants need to know and do
 4.0  Fighting Competitors
·         How to fight developer competitors
·         How to fight vendor/marketing competitors
·         How to fight school owners/manger competitors.
5.0 Overcoming The African Factor
·         Overcoming power challenges
·         Overcoming parents and teachers reluctance to adapt

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