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Project Architect

Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
This post is dedicated to God, my beautiful girl, Chinonso,  and to all Architects who did their very best in the year 2016 and landed those juicy projects. Here, I have listed all the projects I directly (or indirectly) worked on in the year 2016. The list is not Chronological. 

For each project, I have put up a picture that tells the story as well as brief comments on them. I also endeavoured to mention the client and location including the status of the project, who worked on it with me and what exactly I did while on it. The duration of the projects have been left out as some are yet underway.
Feel free to leave your comments under this post. Details of the projects are always available for discussion/review anytime! Thank you.

1.0 De-World University Admin Block (Architectural Consultancy)
A private University located at Awgu local government area of Enugu State. Owned by a retired priest. Massive construction is underway. Under supervision of Arc. Eskay.
Arc. Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

1.1 De-world university faculty of management sciences (Architectural Consultancy)
As built measurement was taken after which complete working drawings were produced. construction is underway. The medical Center and Cafeteria are also included in the developing projects.
Arc. Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

2.0 Open Havens Estate Akpuoga-Nike, Enugu State (Architectural Consultancy & Supervision)
The client Emach Global Synergies, is desirous to develop a gated community style residential layout and thus commissioned us to develop the comprehensive master plan featuring four building prototypes and infrastructure design. Cheers to the Architects at Cadright! who worked with us on the project. A link to the animation video will soon be updated here.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

3.0 CBN Umuahia Senior Staff CO-Operative(CUSCO) Proposed Housing Estate (Architectural Consultancy- Geometrix)

Similar to the Open Haven Estate project. The CUSCO project (as we dubbed it) required us to digitise an existing hardcopy site plan before we started the planning. Eventually a master plan was developed and an Animated walkthrough was produced. The Architects at Geometrix were very instrumental to this project.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

4.0 Three Bedroom Semi-Detatched Bungalow Enugu - Dr. M.E Obi (Architectural Consultancy)
Located in Independence Layout, phase two, Enugu State, Nigeria, this is a small bungalow featuring two bedrooms with shared facilities such as living room, kitchen and convenience. A n all en-suite master bedroom is tucked away at the far left corner. It was intended to be a temporary structure in order to prevent government revocation of the landed property. We handled the design and Supervision.

5.0  Country-home Amaechi Uwani - Four Bedroom Bungalow I.K Nnaji (Architectural Consultancy) 
Featuring a British style pent house, we won the client's heart over. It is a four bedroom bungalow intended as the client's country home in Amaechi Uwani of Enugu-South Local Government Area (Enugu State). We were involved in the Design.
Arc. Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

6.0  Proposed AFAM 1,2,3  Power Project (Federal Bid)
The federal government of Nigeria advertised this project. It was for the construction and maintenance of the AFAM 1, AFAM 2 and AFAM 3 Power projects. Interested contractors were furnished with the prepared drawings and allowed to submit their bill of quantities for the bid. Cadright prepared this bill on behalf of her Client for the project.

7.0        Classroom Interior - New Faculty of Pharmacy Building UNN - Engr. Kalu (Architectural Consultancy)
The Old Boys of pharmacy department of University of Nigeria Nsukka, were desirous to furnish a Lecture hall at the new University Of Nigeria Pharmacy building, Nsukka. PE Consultants designed and packaged the proposal. This included taking as-built drawings and eventually producing 3D images shewing the proposed arrangement of furniture in the halls.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

8.0          Country Home Residence Awgu Henry Nnamdi, (Architectural Consultancy - Proposal)
Sometimes people say they want a house, next they travel and never call back! This was a proposal prepared for a young man. t was supposed to be a country home residence. Land was a constraint. We had to provide for as much as we could on such stringent conditions. Sad though, he travelled and hasn't called.

9.0    4 Bedroom Detached Bungalow- Awgu, Enugu State - Q.S Sylvester (Architectural Consultancy - Proposal)
Residential Proposal.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

10.0       Church Secretariat Abuja  Arc Olisa Chidubem (Rendering)

Design by Arc Olisa Chidubem, Rendering WOrk by PE Consultants.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
11.0   Country Home Residence - Awkuzu, Anambra State - Dr. Chukwujindu (Architectural                         Consultancy & Supervision)
Family residence in Awkuzu, Anambra state. Designed and Supervised by PE Consultants. 
Arc. Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

12.0   Three Bedroom Block Of Flats Maryland, Enugu Engr. Chinedu Ezeh (Architectural-Consultancy)
Situated in Maryland Enugu, PE Consultants handled the complete Design Consultancy Services for this project. It's construction is underway.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

13.0       Nicon town house residence- lagos Geometrix work (Design & Drafting)
This project belongs originally to Geometrix Consultants PE consultants did the complete drafting and Rendering. It is an executive duplex with a pent floor and 5 other bedrooms. It is luxury style old school
Arc kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

14.0       Class room block Abia state Polytechnic Geometrix Work (Design & Rendering)
This project belongs originally to Geometrix Consultants PE consultants did the complete drafting and Rendering. It is a proposed Classroom block for the above named institution.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu
15.0       Salvation ministries Porthacourt Design Street Ltd. (Rendering)
This project originally belongs to dezignstreet Engineering Company. PE consultants did the complete Rendering.
Arc Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

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