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Figures, facts, and Design.

Does mathematics have a place in Architecture, Can the logic of mathematics be applied in solving Architectural problems. Can we turn to its age-long proven methods to justify our simplest design decisions, and could this mathematical judgment be applied to one and every piece of architecture or is it remote to varying designers.
These are questions which this book opens your mind to, in a fascinating dialogue between the designer, the builder and the observer. For critical thinkers, and all who are in the business of planning and providing spaces for human use.

·         The planning stage
Calculating space requirements, arranging forms, facilities distribution, abstracting information from historic trends,
·         The construction phase
Dividing processes into phases, quantity surveying, construction economics and management, construction methods that apply mathematics,
·         The observation stage
The validation process: cross-checking mathematical projections against real life results to affirm how correct our plans are.; the perception of architecture from the eyes of balance using mathematics as a vehicle to this end,