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Say Thank-you After Sex

The power of sex has remained inexplicable for ages. Men and women alike, are constantly confounded by its multi-faced manifestations. Some have termed it the spiritual rite of the gods, others regard it as merely mortal gratification.
Whatever it means for you, this book will show you how being grateful to your partner for sex, can open doors to inexplicable joy and a life of bliss.
The next time you lay with your partner, consider: this, is a person who hails from a completely different household, ethnicity, upbringing, educational background and so on. You are blessed to have crossed each other’s paths in this lifetime. Whether you really think it just a coincidence or you imagine yourself just lucky to have the other person in your life.
There are a number of reasons why you should practice this simple but very effective love principle.

It could have been someone else

It took a lot for another human being to find it necessary, and desirable to share such lovely time with you at that particular instance, not earlier and not later.

It shows honesty and integrity when you tell your partner that you are grateful for the lovely moment shared and that you appreciate their efforts toward that.

It sets the ball rolling for more lovely time ahead. Your partner who you have just shown gratitude after sex, feels loved and resolves to make it even sweeter the next time around. This way your love life will improve tremendously over time, until you reach a point where you are eternally satisfied.

It is a Christian way of Life, to be grateful for whatever we receive in life. I thess.5:18

It helps you appreciate the euphemism of life, how fleeting but so enjoyable the moments in our lives can be. One moment you are turned on beyond measure, the next moment you are satisfied, tired and happy. Life is like that, you have just as much control over it until biology kicks in, and the party comes to a sharp but climaxing end. You feel so good but yet you have no control to make it last forever, it ends when it would. Saying thank you to the person with whom you experienced such intriguing moment, is the least you should do.

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